Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 21st Hijacker

In the same week as the Fort Hood shootings and Veterans Day, President Obama had the nerve to go on another "bow down" to the Muslims tour and New York City Mayor Bloomburg holds a "diversity" summit in New York. Bloomburg, who had no idea who would be attending this summit, had the audacity to speak of the "need for more dialog with the Muslim community". After Bloomburg was informed as to the identity of Siraj Wahhaj, who has been linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, admitted that Wahhaj probably shouldn't have been in attendance. You think? I guess enough people aren't laughing at Bloomburg in his infinite stupidity so he needs to add the Muslims.

Obama, in his unique community organizing way, said in a speech at Ft. Hood that we need to make sure we have all the facts before passing judgement on Hasan, a known radical Muslim sympathizer who gunned down 13 and injured 38 others all while shouting "Allahu Akbar". Maybe Obama should have shown the same need for information before accusing a white police officer of being a racist. I guess what we need to do is hold another "beer summit" between Hasan and the family members of the slain, to discuss openly our differences. Obama can have another "teachable moment" where he'll show all of us white Christians the error of our ways and how to be a more loving and accepting community. Meanwhile, 20 Muslim women were just stoned to death for wanting an education, going out in public with out their spouse or, gee, I don't know, talking! WE need to show more acceptance? I don't know about you but I am getting sick and tired of "turning the other cheek"!

What also irritates me is that Obama had the nerve to show up at Arlington Nation Cemetery to "pay his respects" to the fallen men and women that gave their all to secure our freedom, all the while knowing that countless others in Afghanistan may soon join them because he is unable (or unwilling) to make a decision about sending more troops. Obama has told us how hard a decision like this is because it costs almost a billion dollars per 1000 troops. NOW he wants to count pennies? NOW he wants to pretend to be fiscally responsible? Sorry buddy, that ship has sailed. His inability to lead is costing us more than money. It is killing our troops in the battle field and crushing the moral of their parents, theirs spouses, their friends and most importantly, their children. How unnerving it must be to know that a Commander in Chief who has spent TRILLIONS of dollars on so called "economic stimulus" thinks it's too expensive to back up the military, listen to a Four Star General or protect our freedom.

I'm tired of the PC bull. What has the Muslim community done for this country? We have a big list of what they have done TO this country and now with their favorite President in office they can see our final demise clearly in sight. Is Obama secretly the 21st hijacker? Sure he may not be shooting people or blowing up buildings but he clearly has a goal of American defeat and he most certainly has hijacked the Government and waged war on our Constitution. I hate, I truly hate to believe that everything that has happened was intentional but what else are we to believe? He is dragging his feet on Afghanistan because he knows the only out come can be the loss of life and the loss of victory. He is recking the economy because he knows that the more people you corral into the Government machine, the more you can control them and he is pushing National Health Care because he knows that once the Government has control over your health they can regulate everything in your life by simply putting a price tag on it.

I'm sure some of you reading this will say, "OMG, she hates Muslims", which isn't true. I will defend their right to practice their religion peacefully the same as I would defend your right to disagree with my statements and make your own. I would defend these rights to the death because I believe in America and the Constitution, there is no question about that, the real question is, would they?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recipe for Lamb Basted Liberal

Okay, so I'm guilty of having a little fun with the local paper. Honestly there is nothing I enjoy more than opening up the Sunday paper and finding something to raise my blood pressure. October 11 certainly didn't disappoint. That would be step one in the recipe for lamb basted liberal, step two is to add your spices, I recommend truth, quotes and facts. Step three, the last and best step is to bring to a rolling boil, sit back and watch them burn.

To get the full effect you will need to click HERE to read the original letter to the editor. Make sure you look at the reader response, the last one is funny and no, not by me. I have included in this post my letter to the editor which appeared this past Sunday, Oct. 18. as well as his response and another from me. I'm not sure how far I will take this, if he responds again I'll post it.

Here we go......

Dear Mr. Wheat,

In response to last Sundays editorial "Take Care During the Holidays", by Mr. Eckerd and his blanketed assumption that most churches waist donation dollars, I wish to offer my own editorial.
Mr Eckerd, while you may be correct in thinking that some organized churches waist donations then have the nerve to ask for more or to make there congregations feel guilty about not giving all they can, I feel that this is a rare occurrence rather than the norm. I do not know what particular church or religious organization has spited you but I would suggest a much better use of your time and the time of the readers would to call for the audit of the Federal Reserve and our local school systems rather than trying to "inspire" people to audit their churches. You are obviously a believer and I have no argument with that except to say that your attitude sounds more like an argument against organized religion than a call for fiscal responsibility.
Organized churches and charities offer help to those in need; but even the holiest of intentions does not make man immune to the illness of greed. Churches and charities are faced with the same financial burdens we are and as the needs of the community grow they will face an even greater burden. Between a drop in corporate and private donations and an administration hell bent on destroying organized religion AND the American family, what are these groups to do?
The point is simple. If you belong to an organization that you feel is "robbing" you then use a little common sense and get out. Why should anyone expect any organization to "open their books" when we don't demand the same from our spouses and our government. I appreciate you trying to educate and help the "elderly" and "uneducated" among us but please direct your attention to the real crooks, liar's and thieves. Look into it, "you'll be surprised."

Tania Scarafile

This was his response to my letter posted on the newspapers website.

Test what was written


I never used the word "all" in my article or insinuated that every church refuses to help the poor. I was writing about the pastors who say they are helping the poor and are not. This is not easy for the average churchgoer with "common sense" to uncover. Most will not ask where the money goes even though it is their right. This is happening in the great majority of churches. I wouldn't write it if I didn't verify it. Go to any soup kitchen, shelter, or help center in or area and ask which churches offer support and you will only ever hear a few names. It is not the government's responsibility to help the stranger, orphan, widow and poor, it is the church's. The problem is that the church (the Christian Church overall) looks, acts and operates exactly like the world, so the biblical storehouse model no longer works. Many say the church looks like the world, but it is quite the opposite. The world looks like the church. If the church gets right, society will follow. No need to get the government involved or blame them for the church's problems. It is our problem brough on by our own disobedience. You know this is true.

How could I possibly leave that alone?

What I know to be true is that you need to do a little more research and study up on your history.
Ask any school age child, "who do you turn to if you're hungry or homeless" and I bet their answer will be, the Government. The reason isn't your "supposed" financial corruption, but over 40 years of the Progressive movement. Progressives in our Government have worked hard to make society dependent upon them. Many have tried to turn politics into a religion just as the French who, during the disastrous French Revolution, found inspiration in Rousseau. Rousseau's general concept was to turn "the People" (i.e. the Power) into a divine figure while rendering the "person" an after thought.
To much in the past? Even today, even within the Christian population you have national figures demonising Christianity for the sake of the "State". Example, the beloved and distinguished Rev. Jesse Jackson who during the 2000 Florida recount proclaimed that the Holocaust survivors had been targeted "again" because the ballots may have been too hard for a few voters. He even said on Larry King Live, "the Christian Coalition was a strong force in Germany. It laid down a suitable, scientific, theological rational for the tragedy in Germany. The Christian coalition was very much in evidence there." Jackson was essentially saying, to a national audience made up of a large Christian population that Christianity is the cause and only I and the Government really care about you. Maybe that's the reason churches aren't as involved with more soup kitchens or shelters...or are they? You have forgot one key element in your statements; the church isn't the building in which you meet but the people you meet with and I know every time I have volunteered I wasn't a worker, I was a parishioner.
We can go back and forth forever over nickles and dimes, my point was simple enough, you are focused on a symptom when it's the disease that needs treatment.

So there you have it. Is it wrong to be getting so much enjoyment out of this?
Oooooo. He answered. Here's the latest from our basted liberal...
I agree with you, but the fact remains that one of the few prime mandates to the church from God is to take care of the stranger, orphan and widow using the storehouse. Our churches are using the storehouse for other things that help no one except those sitting in the pews. Everything in the church today in many churches points inward, not to the community. It troubles me that you don't see this or are unwilling to even check to see if I am accurate. Just ask a few key people in our own community. This is proven, it is wrong and there is no excuse for it at all. It is not just one or two churches, it is many. All I am asking is for you to check this for yourself as I did and you will find what I found. There is not getting around this or rationalizing by blaming politicians or government. We (the church) are totally without excuse for not stepping up. Instead we buy new buildings, extravagent decorations,sound systems and we pay guest speakers ridiculous amounts of money to tell us to GET OUT OF THE CHURCH AND HELP SOMEONE! C'mon, just check it out and see if I am right.
This is the last response I will make because it has no where to go but down from here.
Fine, you agree with me. Great, but I'm still waiting for you to provide your proof. Any form of documentation other than your slanted observations. I don't wish to debate theology with you I was simply making the point that it is real easy to sit back a point a finger at a specific group, It's something else to get off your butt and do something about it. If you don't want your church to have a new building or sound system get involved in the decision making process. Offering up problems with no solutions is lazy and blaming an entire group of people for the "sins" of a few is racist. I have read your views on Christianity and Christians below your original letter and your hate filled and sarcastic comments for those who choose to believe and accept God in their lives and your over eagerness to TRY and belittle anyone who dares disagree with you is evidence of your intolerance.

Monday, October 12, 2009

San Antonio Artist Actions Painting to Help Hannah Giles

David Combs of San Antonio, TX is auctioning off another FOX News, Red Eye inspired painting and is donating a portion of the sale price to the Hannah Giles defense fund. Combs, who has already auctioned off two other Red Eye paintings unveiled his newest work entitled, S.E. Cupp - Lioness earlier this month.

S.E. Cupp, author of "Why You're Wrong About the Right", columnist and FOX News contributor is a frequent guest on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and makes regular appearances on Hannity, Geraldo and FOX N Friends.

Hannah Giles, who's undercover video highlighting the corruption at several ACORN offices and helping lead to the de-funding of the organization is facing prosecution for what some ACORN officials are claiming is a violation of a Maryland wiretapping law.

"I got a lot of suggestions from Red Eye's fansite The Activity Pit on who to paint next, and although I said to myself that I would not paint S.E. until I read her book, there were too many great ideas flooding my head for me to work on anything else. When I look at this painting I see sensitivity and strength - and that's pretty dead-on I think. The shotgun does give me a chuckle though. Like most people I was disturbed by the ACORN videos James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles produced, and I was floored when I found out ACORN was pursuing legal action against Breitbart and the filmmakers." David Combs

To place a bid on this exclusive painting visit S.E. Cupp ebay auction.

Louisville, Kentucky

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Make Me Stop This Car!

What is with the "right wing" talk show hosts?
I turned on the Michael Savage program today and only listened to about 10 minutes before he went off about Fox News and started calling Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly names. Savage believes that the meeting between David Axelrod and Roger Ailes will result in Fox News, along with other News Corp. entities "toning down their criticism of the Obama Administration". He believes that we will begin to hear a much different tune being sung by our favorite Fox personalities. For what ever reason I personally have seen the change in O'Reilly. Other than his occasional shout out with Daffy Duck, I mean, Barney Frank, he seems to be taking it easier on the current administration. That aside, does Savage, does anyone for that matter think that Beck is going to tone it down? Never! Even if they find a way of silencing him do they think no one will pick up where he left off?

Now before I get hate messages about Savage let me say that I like Michael Savage. His book "Savage Nation" is the first "political" book I ever read and started me on my quest for truth.

I have heard the same arguments over and over again... "Fox News isn't balanced". "They're nothing but a mouth piece for the Republicans". So what! There is a MAJOR difference between hosts and reporters. I have friends who fancy themselves "reporters", no, my dear friends, you are not a reporter, you simply have an opinion and a keyboard. For those who don't get it, here's the difference; Hosts are entertainers, their purpose is to boost ratings and drive revenue, reporters, report the news, not make it. If you're a reporter and you want to write an editorial, great, but don't label it news. Simply give the who, what, where, when, why and how and leave your thoughts out of it, no one cares.

Which brings me to the point of my opinionated little article... Any one who gets their news from one station, one newspaper or one site is a moron. I listen to and read many different things in order to form my opinions so I am not led around like some mindless zombie. You know why the "left" has been so successful at force feeding us their liberal crap? Consistency. I'll give them credit for that, they have established their goal and everyone is on board. When are conservatives going to figure this out?

It's okay for us to disagree with one another about how to get to our goals but why belittle each other in the process? I charge those that name call as caring more about their ratings than they do their country and doing so makes it harder for us to achieve our goals.

So to all of you, name calling and belittling your fellow conservatives I leave you with the words of my father..."If I have to stop this car and come back there, you will be sorry!"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who's to Blame? Oh, I Am.

I am very happy with the response that I have received from my first post "Thank You Mr. President, I Honor You Today." Thank you to all who responded here and on activitypit.com, asamom.org and facebook.com.

As a follow up to that first post I would like to remind everyone that while our eyes have been opened and the Giant is awake we must not doze off again. I received this comment on activitypit.com, "I thought the country was going to wake up when Clinton was in office, but they only woke up long enough to use the facilities, then go back to bed."

While this is a true statement, I think it's different this time. If you remember, President Clinton had a Republican controlled congress so his administration wasn't able to pass some of their more radical ideas, like HillaryCare. The result was that Clinton was able to ride the Republican wave into a second term. The real test of the American people will come after the next Congressional election. If and when the Republicans retake control of the House and Senate, Obama will have a chance to win a second term. The real difference this time is that the American people have figured out that the decisions made under Clinton's watch have directly affected our current financial state.

Lending restrictions on home loans were relaxed during Clinton's term. Democrats will say it was the Republican Congress's fault and Republicans will say it was Clinton's fault. Truth is, it was both, but more importantly, it was our fault. We, the American people are responsible for the mess we have made. We left a bunch of immature children home alone and now want to jump up and down, scream and yell and point fingers about the mess they made in our house. Remember, when you point your finger at someone there are always three pointing back at you. There comes a point when you just have to stand back, take a good look around, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to clean up this mess. Most business professionals will tell you that when creating an action plan you ALWAYS start with the projects that require the least amount of effort and money but will have the greatest impact. Hmmmm, what could be relatively easy to do and have the greatest impact? Got It!!! Vote them ALL out of office.

I'm sure I will get into term limits at some point but this is about staying vigilant. I think Americans have become aware of the problems of the two party system and the corruption on both sides. It is important, no matter what party is in control that we never fall asleep again. We have learned a hard lesson that one side is just as bad as the other and I guarantee that if the Republicans take back control they will be hoping that we fall asleep again. So much like Nightmare on Elm Street, we'll take a pledge to keep each other awake.

I'll leave you with a comment that was left for me on asamom.com from Elaine Whisenand, PhD.

"The transparency has come from within me, as I am now more involved; and I am now seeing much more clearly. I was not seeing transparently because, I had not looked. I was busy with my life, busy raising children, busy with educational and theological studies, busy operating a business, busy sitting on boards, busy volunteering, and just busy, busy. I forgot to check-up in Washington, to look in on my Government Workers, to see if they were doing their job; after all I am one of their bosses’. For this I am truly sorry that I have let America down. As I practice forgiving myself, I choose the following plan of action: I vow to stay awake, to participate, to see, to speak-up, to teach others, to fight for the children, and to stand-up for the generations to come in America; and I will do this in the name of Freedom, Peace and Love. May God Continue to Bless America."

Amen sister.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thank You Mr. President, I Honor You Today

While unintended I’m sure, Obama has in fact given us positive “change” to believe in. During the last election cycle the veil of secrecy that has shrouded Washington was at last lifted and while Americans are still waiting for the President to make good on his campaign promise of “total transparency”, we should at least be able to admit that the election of President Obama has brought about some positive change.

More and more Americans are waking up and getting involved with their government. They are taking an active role in their re-education of American history and are learning all they can about our political system. They have discovered just how out of touch Washington is with the rest of the country and how the Washington elite will stop at nothing to push what “they” think is best for the country.

A fine example is the “super-secret, super-plan” to push Obamacare through. Politicians must believe that Americans are stupid or at least are too busy with out pathetic little lives to question why they would attach something as important as healthcare reform as an amendment to a bill taxing the bonuses of TARP recipients.

I’m sure we will be bombarded with messages from the Obama Administration as well as Reid, Pelosi and Frank going on and on about how THEY have gone after the big, bad capitalists, how THEY are going to “make ‘em pay” and how it was the companies that caused the economic crisis and your lot in life.

For decades the “Progressives” have spent their time dumbing down America. They have pushed their agenda in the Government controlled school system, forcing educators to teach what is wrong with America rather than what made this country great. They have forced us into a failed two party system where one side is just as bad as the other. Shouldn’t we be electing officials based on what they believe in rather than what party they stand with? Like faithful sheep Americans have stepped into the voting booth and pulled a party lever, often times voting AGAINST someone rather than FOR someone.

Obama’s election proved that it is possible to win on “celebrity” rather than experience, it showed us the corruption of the media and taught us an important lesson that one station, one news paper and one web site isn’t good enough anymore.

The Obama Administration has brought about a change in our political landscape and how we talk to one another. Politics is no long a taboo subject and has become the water cooler topic of choice. Americans no longer have the patience for conversations about American Idol or Survivor. The American Giant is awake and it is hungry, hungry for knowledge, and for that I would like to say, “thank you Mr. President, I honor you today”.